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I am keen crafter, with a particular fondness for pearls and all things shiny and a dream that one day I might just own that little shop I've always wanted to run. I am forever making something whether it's some cards, jewellery or something knitted... the devil makes work for idle hands, but mine are rarely idle!

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

It's all changing...

So much has changed for me in the last 2 years - I now have two children for a start! I am also a SAHM now and have decided to use the opportunity to work on my handmade jewellery. As part of this I have decided to have a complete overhaul and rebranding. So, Concept Design Form is now Poppy Sparkles (inspired by my gorgeous daughter, Poppy).

I have a website undergoing construction, thanks to my husband - it is so handy having someone who is handy with web design around! I have also opened a new Folksy shop - Poppy Sparkles - full of lovely handmade jewellery and accessories. I am contemplating opening further shops at other online handcrafted websites, but for now am going to just concentrate on Folksy.

I have also started a new Facebook page for Poppy Sparkles - check it out and become a fan to stay ahead of what is being created.

I am also keen to progress with my jewellery making and am going to embark on working with wire. I love unusual earhooks, especially oversized ones and hope that by making my own I can create soem lovely statement pieces.

As yet I am undecided as to whether to continue blogging - time is a real premium with 2 children under 2 and when I do have some time I find myself wanting to create jewellery rather than blog.

I do hope that you will check out Poppy Sparkles and let me know what you think.

Thursday, 4 February 2010

Clip Clip Hooray!

With the birth of Poppy I have become interested in all things girly and decided to have a go at creating hair accesories for little girls. As soon as the two little people were settled - in unison, for which I was very thankful - I dusted off my glue gun, got myself some blank clips and a selection of lovely ribbon. Here is one of the pairs of clips I made:

If you are interested in these cute little clips, I have listed a few pairs of the hairclips I have made in my Folksy shop.

Sunday, 24 January 2010

Long time, no blog!

Time literally is flying by and it has been ages since I've had enough of it to sit down and blog! So, finally I've made it back. I am now without bump and am the proud mummy to Poppy Grace, born at home on Saturday 7th November. She is beautiful - nothing to do with bias of course! Jack has taken to his little sister wonderfully and being a family of four is just fab! We are mostly busy and tired, but very, very happy.

Eleven weeks on we are emerging from the newborn stage, settling into a sort of predictable pattern and I am hopeful that I may even get some time to craft once again - especially on the mornings Jack, my whirlwind toddler, is in nursery and I have just Poppy to keep me busy. Despite not having time to blog, craft or promote my online shops I have still had a trickle of sales which is spurring me on to tidy m craft room (it has become something of a dumping ground lately!) and get making things once again. I have really missed making things and during the times when I've been stuck under a feeding Poppy have managed to browse Folksy and MISI with envy, wishing I could be getting creative. Let's hope I'll be blogging soon about my latest makes!