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I am keen crafter, with a particular fondness for pearls and all things shiny and a dream that one day I might just own that little shop I've always wanted to run. I am forever making something whether it's some cards, jewellery or something knitted... the devil makes work for idle hands, but mine are rarely idle!

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

I'm a winner!

A few weeks ago I posted a link to a competition to win a Mei Tai baby carrier in a photo caption competition on www.getyourhandsback.co.uk. Well, I woke up to an email this morning to discover that I won first prize and will soon be the proud owner of a SnugBaby mei tai baby carrier! With baby number 2 due in 11 weeks (eeek!), I am really pleased and it just goes to show that even I can win a competition!

To check out SnugBaby go to - www.snugbaby.co.uk , makers of beautiful handmade baby carriers.

Friday, 14 August 2009

Glazey Days

Yesterday my friend and our 2 little ones had a lovely afternoon out. We decided to take our babies (although at 1yrs, my baby is more a toddler now!) to have their footprints immortalised onto plates. We had found a ceramic studio in Fleetwood called Glazey Days that does this. Unbelievably, Jack managed to sleep through the whole experience, rousing just the once to have a quick glance round and then returning to sleep - how he didn't wake up properly whilst he was having his feet painted with a paint brush I just don't know! I can't wait for our plates to be fired and ready for collection next week.

Glazey Days is open Tues-Sun - to double check opening times call 07530 237889. You can paint various items, have your little one's feet or hands cast (requires pre-booking) or print their footprints or handprints. There is also some lovely jewellery made using handmade glass beads to buy. I'm already wanting to go back and have some more fun - maybe I should look into going to their bead making workshop? I could then make some jewellery with beads I had made myself.

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Time flies....

Despite my best intentions I haven't managed to blog as often as I had hoped - where does the time go? I've managed some knitting lately and have finished a croppped shrug - just have the ends to weave in. I also managed to have a bit of a tidy in my craft room, so when I do manage to find time it should be a breeze to find things.

Time is most certainly flying - I am fast heading towards my 3rd Trimester of my pregnancy and will soon have 2 under 2 to look after! One of the things I am thinking is an essential is a sling or baby carrier to enable me to be 'hands-free' and able to see to my toddler. Hopefully, I might win one and you could too if you check out this link - http://www.getyourhandsback.co.uk/competition/ Good Luck!