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Sunday, 15 February 2009

Valentine's, Farmer's markets and weddings

Valentine's Day was much like any other day in our household. Jack, our 6 month old baby, was up early as usual - sleep is so over-rated in his opinion and why sleep in, when you can take a nap later? The Farmer's market was at Marsh Mill, Thornton so my husband, Jack, sister-in-law and myself walked round for a look. There weren't too many stalls, but there was lots of lovely produce for sale - organic vegetables, various fresh meat and my personal favourite - handmade chocolates. To my shame, I've never managed to see the Farmer's market before even though it is regularly in Thornton (it can also be found in Poulton and Great Eccleston on different Saturdays). There is something lovely about buying direct from the grower/maker and it also brings back memories of holidays in France with their fantastic markets. I hope that I can make the effort to visit the market more regularly and support local sellers.

I managed to get some 'free' time in the afternoon, when Gran came over to see Jack. Quick as a flash I was in my craft room. I've discovered 'handmadeology' and have been enjoying reading up on all the tips for selling handmade items online. I also spent some time thinking about this blog and how to make it more useful. One of the things I have decided to do is a series of blogs on weddings, in particular DIY weddings. More and more people are looking to produce their own weddings. For the most part this choice is money driven. However, there is also a growing trend for more personal weddings and there are those that seek to have a more ethical day where environmental impact is an important consideration. Whatever the motivation for a DIY wedding, the results can be fantastic and give the couple a real chance to put their own personal stamp on their day. So, watch this space for tips on how to DIY your wedding.

In the meantime, why not browse the wedding listings of Folksy for some handmade wedding treats.

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