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I am keen crafter, with a particular fondness for pearls and all things shiny and a dream that one day I might just own that little shop I've always wanted to run. I am forever making something whether it's some cards, jewellery or something knitted... the devil makes work for idle hands, but mine are rarely idle!

Monday, 9 February 2009

That first blog.....

I'm not really sure quite what to write and feel like I'm back in an exam room somewhere, with the clock ticking away and a vast exapanse of white paper to fill. Perhaps, I should just start with a bit about myself.

I'm Viv Smith, heading towards my 30th year, wife and mother (this is a new job and I've only held the post since July 2008). Whilst on Maternity leave I have managed to find the time to craft and thanks to Folksy have started to sell some of my wares. I have previously had a website selling handmade jewellery and cards, but with various things happening found I didn't have the time and it slipped away. To be honest, I was losing interst with churning out the same old same for brides and longed to make what I wanted, when I wanted, which is the way I am going now. I will of course still accept custom orders, but much prefer being able to create what I fancy, rather than being a jewellery making machine! Over time, I hope to launch my own website again, but in the meantime I am keeping it small and simple and solely selling via Folksy. In just one week I've had 4 sales through Folksy and am mighty pleased with that, especially as I will very soon be receiving a parcel of even more beads!

In terms of crafting, I am into a range of crafts and seem to collect craft hobbies as other people would ornaments! Alongside making jewellery and cards, I am also a knitter and once upon a time dabbled with cross stitch. Father Christmas got me a sewing machine for Christmas, but I'm very much a novice at the moment!

To have a nosey at my creations check out my Foksy shop - Concept Design Form

Before I go, here is my bestseller from the past week and a favourite of mine. It's a beautifully simple freshwater pearl bracelet:

Okay, I'm done blogging for today! Phew, I hear you say!


  1. Hello Viv and welcome to the world of blogging. Looks like you're off to a fine start. I warn you though that it's very addictive!

  2. Hi Viv! Thanks for linking to my blog :) You'll enjoy blogging - its very fun and super addictive

    Emma xx

  3. Hi. Welcome to the World of blogging. I've just had a look at your folksy shop too. I really love that freshwater pearl bracelet. Definitely on my wish list.