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Saturday, 14 February 2009

Sentimental Jewellery

It always intrigues me why some things have sentimental or special value to a person . It's interesting to know why something that seems so ordinary to one person is so important to another. The thing with sentimental value is that it often bares no relationship to the monetary value of the item. Unfortunately, I possess very few things that are actually worth much in money terms. However, there a number of things I own that are priceless to me, even if they may seem 'cheap' or worthless to others.

When thinking about my jewellery, like many women, my wedding and engagement rings hold a lot of sentimental value to me - they remind me of my husband, the day he proposed to me, the day we got married and remind me of the love between us. However, that is an obvious choice! Perhaps the item that comes second in terms of sentimental value is a simple pearl pendant.

It is made from three freshwater pearls, separated with Bali silver spacers and mounted on a sterling silver chain. When I made it, I liked it (I wouldn't have made it otherwise!), but it was just another necklace in my jewellery box. That all changed on 24th July, 2008 when I gave birth to my son, Jack. I was wearing that pearl pendant when I gave birth and now it holds tremendous sentimental value to me. Unfortunately, I am unable to wear any jewellery except for my watch, rings and studs with my son around. Until he is a little older and no longer wants to grab everything in sight, my precious pearl pendant will be staying in my jewellery box.

What items in your jewellery collection hold sentimental value to you? Is its actual worth as high as its sentimental worth? Or is it something more costume, but priceless to you? I'd be interested to hear about your sentimental pieces of jewellery, if you'd be good enough to share.

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