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Friday, 20 February 2009

Knitting for Charity

I am still nursing my sick baby and haven't managed to do anything apart from a few household tasks as I have a sick baby draped across my lap for the most part. I have managed to use my free arm to surf the internet and have found a website about a charity that collects knitted squares to make blankets for children living in poverty around the world. I have lots of wool in my stash and will be knitting up some squares to send. There is a pattern on the website and I reckon it'd take just an evening to knit a square.

I hope that others will join me in devoting some crafting time to a worthy cause. If you are able to spare some time and wool, leave a comment below with a pledge saying how many squares you hope to make. It'd also be interesting to learn of other charities that make crafty requests. That's all for now folks - best make the most of my baby sleeping in his cot!

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