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Friday, 13 February 2009

I'm back!

I've not managed to post for the last couple of days - life with a baby can get quite busy. Jack decided to help this situation by getting up early today.... I'd rather have the extra sleep, but I might as well make use of the extra time!

On Wednesday I received two parcels of beads - always a joy! In one was some beads for making my mum a necklace for a wedding she is attending this weekend - luckily she was visiting on Wednesday and so I made the necklace there and then for her. As a result I don't have any photographs to show - yet. I also received some pearls to complete an order for four pearl bracelets - gifts for some lucky bridesmaids. I have nearly completed this order and will post photographs when the last bracelet is done.
I attempted to felt my knitting, but it's not quite felted enough........more experimenting is needed! I followed the manufacturer's recommendations for felting the wool, but it's just not felted enough for my liking! Still, I can have more fun having a go again.
I have also kept myself busy uploading more photographs to Flickr and hope to keep adding to it so that it becomes a comprehensive portfolio of my work. I've had quite a number of views and someone has even left a comment on a blue bracelet available in my Folksy shop:

If you are on Flickr, feel free to add me as a contact so you can keep up to date with the latest creations at Concept Design Form.

Hope everyone manages to stay out of trouble today with it being friday the 13th!

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  1. the joys of motherhood! my 18 month old daughter is noturnal, what i'd do for a good night sleep.