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Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Day 2

This bodes well. Day 2 of my blog and I'm managing to blog for a second time.

I've missed the boat for Valentine's day sales (note to self: life with a baby needs more forward planning). However, I am thinking ahead to Mother's Day. I've created a corsage with this in mind. Some people wear their heart on their sleeve, but this lets someone else wear your heart! It's perhaps a little twee, but twee is good sometimes and I'm sure mums all over the place would be touched to wear a public declaration of their offsprings' love - it's a higher quality and more grown up version of the 'Great Mum' badges you get on cards. Currently there is just the one of these brooches in my Folksy shop, but more will be added soon.

I'm really pleased with sales since I set up a Folksy shop, so much so that I bought the domain name Concept design Form last night in readiness for eventually setting up a website. I ordered some more supplies yesterday and am eagerly awaiting the postman to deliver my parcel - I love getting parcels, esepcially ones containing craft materials. In this one are lots of lovely, lovely pearls as I have an order for 4 of the pearl bracelets I posted a photograph of yesterday and then some extra to 'play' with.
I'm off now for a walk to the Post Office to get my latest sale delivered.....

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