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I am keen crafter, with a particular fondness for pearls and all things shiny and a dream that one day I might just own that little shop I've always wanted to run. I am forever making something whether it's some cards, jewellery or something knitted... the devil makes work for idle hands, but mine are rarely idle!

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Still managing to craft

Despite being close to my due date I am managing to do a little crafting other than knitting and have made some earrings. I've listed some lovely oversized pearl earrings in my folksy shop - perfect for the up-coming Christmas parties and a nice change from the usual pearl studs. They would also make a lovely Christmas present.

Monday, 19 October 2009


After wishing that my nesting came out in cleaning rather than knitting, it would appear that I was granted my wish. I was so tetchy as the weekend drew close to get things ready for baby and after a few hormonal outbursts, my husband finally realised that he'd better help. So, he hauled the changing table to our room and looked after our little toddler, leaving me free to nest away. I nested good and proper yesterday - stripped the car seat and moses basket covers, washed them and have now put them back on, folded all the washed baby clothes and stacked them neatly on the changing table shelves, loaded a basket up with teeny tiny nappies, wipes and other essentials, cleaned our bedroom and ensuite (where Jack was born, not that I'm necessarily intending to give birth in there again!).

I've continued with nesting today - more cleaning and am sewing up all the knitting projects I've done, but not bothered to sew up. I have a lovely baby cardigan to sew up which really should be done as baby will be here in a matter of weeks, if not sooner! But, in the meantime I shall continue knitting my current projects that are on my needles and sewing up the various things I've out off sewing.

Monday, 12 October 2009

Getting my knit on

Knitting must be my nesting thing whilst pregnant - I just can't seem to stop! I was the same whilst pregnant with my first. I've made myself two cardigans, halfway through a tank top, am knitting my mum a jacket, wrist warmers, neck warmers, a variety of corsages, nearly finished a baby cardigan for my bump and have knitted lots of baby beanie hats and booties. It'd be better if my nesting came out in cleaning, like most people, but the housework can wait - I have knitting to do!

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Gearing up for Christmas

I know it seems ridiculously early, but I have seen the 'C' word mentioned elsewhere and with a baby due in the middle of November I am having to plan further ahead this year. I have already addressed all the envelopes for Christmas cards and the only thing stopping me writing the actual cards is firstly the absence of cards (waiting on my husband to sort one his lovely photographs out to be used as the design) and secondly I need to wait for baby to arrive so we know the fourth name in our family.

I have been busy making various bits and bobs lately - knitted bits for me, baby and to sell, as well as some jewellery to add to my Folksy shop. New items will be added as soon as possible. At the moment I am still able to take on custom orders, but with my due date fast approaching, time is of the essence. So, if you fancy something in my Folksy shop, but want alternative colours or a modification of some sort please contact me as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

I'm a winner!

A few weeks ago I posted a link to a competition to win a Mei Tai baby carrier in a photo caption competition on www.getyourhandsback.co.uk. Well, I woke up to an email this morning to discover that I won first prize and will soon be the proud owner of a SnugBaby mei tai baby carrier! With baby number 2 due in 11 weeks (eeek!), I am really pleased and it just goes to show that even I can win a competition!

To check out SnugBaby go to - www.snugbaby.co.uk , makers of beautiful handmade baby carriers.

Friday, 14 August 2009

Glazey Days

Yesterday my friend and our 2 little ones had a lovely afternoon out. We decided to take our babies (although at 1yrs, my baby is more a toddler now!) to have their footprints immortalised onto plates. We had found a ceramic studio in Fleetwood called Glazey Days that does this. Unbelievably, Jack managed to sleep through the whole experience, rousing just the once to have a quick glance round and then returning to sleep - how he didn't wake up properly whilst he was having his feet painted with a paint brush I just don't know! I can't wait for our plates to be fired and ready for collection next week.

Glazey Days is open Tues-Sun - to double check opening times call 07530 237889. You can paint various items, have your little one's feet or hands cast (requires pre-booking) or print their footprints or handprints. There is also some lovely jewellery made using handmade glass beads to buy. I'm already wanting to go back and have some more fun - maybe I should look into going to their bead making workshop? I could then make some jewellery with beads I had made myself.

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Time flies....

Despite my best intentions I haven't managed to blog as often as I had hoped - where does the time go? I've managed some knitting lately and have finished a croppped shrug - just have the ends to weave in. I also managed to have a bit of a tidy in my craft room, so when I do manage to find time it should be a breeze to find things.

Time is most certainly flying - I am fast heading towards my 3rd Trimester of my pregnancy and will soon have 2 under 2 to look after! One of the things I am thinking is an essential is a sling or baby carrier to enable me to be 'hands-free' and able to see to my toddler. Hopefully, I might win one and you could too if you check out this link - http://www.getyourhandsback.co.uk/competition/ Good Luck!

Thursday, 23 July 2009

Long time, no blogging!

It has been an age since I managed to blog, but I have what I think are pretty good reasons. I returned from maternity leave to work full time in May and with lessons to plan I was kept busy with that. Not only that, but I have my little boy, Jack, to look after. If that wasn't enough, I am now 24 weeks pregnant. So, between working fulltime, being pregnant and being a mummy, I've been very busy. But, school's out for the summer and I hope to remedy the lack of blogging and crafting that has marked the last few months - before I have 2 under 2 and have no time at all!

This pregnancy has seen me get back into knitting - must be how my nesting instinct comes out! I'm halfway through a Sirdar cabled gilet and have also got a simple shrug on the go too. I've joined Ravelry and am loving checking out the vast library of patterns. Once I have finished my two projects I think I'll start a little something for my new arrival.

Hopefully, the time lapse until I next blog won't stretch into months!

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

A new Little Person!

My friend gave birth yesterday to a little boy, Dexter.  Another new little person to squish and cuddle!  I'm in the process of knitting a little hat for Dexter - I know, I should have been more organised and have it finished by now!  I'm following a pattern in Lousia Harding's 'Natural Knits for Babies and Mums'.  I'm using a lovely Merino wool in a soft cream colour - I did start the hat in advance and so choose a gender neutral colour.  I will frantically get knitting now to get it finished before little Dexter is too big for it!  

Please excuse the photograph today - the lighting is so bad today.  Where has the lovely sunshine gone? 

Wednesday, 29 April 2009

A satisfied customer

Last week I made a sale to a lovely lady and seller from Folksy. Well, not only did I make a sale, but also have received a mention on her blog - jennyflowerblue.blogspot.com. Why not check out Jenny's blog - it's another fabulous crafty blog. Obviously, it is lovely to make a sale and make some money - which is hastily spent on more crafting materials, but more than that is the fact that someone else loved your creation. It is lovely to receive feedback from satisfied customers - I take pride in my crafts and it is fab knowing it is appreciated.

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

I'm back!

I have finally made it into my craft room today after a rather long hiatus. Hopefully, I am back in action! I've made some lovely grey freshwater pearl earrings today - starting small after my break, don't want to overdo it! I love freshwater pearls - they look beautiful in their simplicity on their own, but equally fantastic when coupled with gemstones or crystals. I just love these earrings - simple, but elegant and perfect for a touch of sophistication for any occasion. These earrings are available to purchase in my Folksy shop.
I also need to use my limited time to start knitting a baby gift for my friend who is due in a few weeks time - I really need to get a move on! I have some lovely cream merino wool at the ready and just need to finally decide exactly what I am going to knit.

Thursday, 26 March 2009

Branching out

I haven't managed to blog for a little while - things have been a little crazy lately and may continue to be so for a little while longer. Hopefully, normal service will resume soon. I should have posted this sooner, but better late than never.....

With my Folksy shop doing nicely, I've taken the plunge and set up another shop online. I now have a MISI shop. At the moment there is not a vast amount of stock, but I shall add more as I sell items and get a feel for what the customers of MISI like. Some of the stock in my MISI shop is the same as in my Folksy shop, but many items will be unique to each site, so it is worth checking them both out.

Just some of the jewellery delights available in my MISI shop:

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

My mission continues

I am keeping up with my mission to use my craft stash up. My latest creation is the bracelet pictured above. It is made with faceted Rose quartz rectangles, Aquamarine gemstone chips and freshwater pearls. The fastening is a heart-shaped mother of pearl button - I do like my button fastenings! This is such a pretty little bracelet and is available to purchase in my Folksy shop. I am sure you agree this would be a lovely gift for Mother's Day, or indeed any day!

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Craft Stash Mission

Like most crafters I hoard and my craft stash is pretty impressive - my little craft room is full of beads, material, wool and paper. I know I should try to buy only what I need, but I see something pretty and have to buy it just in case, despite it's attraction, I forget about it or it's no longer available when I finally think up a project to use it in. As a result my craft stash is taking over. My husband has even noticed the amount I have stashed and he's right - I really should use it up before I buy anymore.

So, I'm on a mission to use up my stash....... then I can buy more! At the moment the first stage of my mission is to use up as much of my bead stash as I can. I've been raiding my gemstone box and have made several items using up gemstones.

Carnelian and Pearl Choker and Earrings:
(available in my newly opened MISI shop - post about this to come!)

Lapis Lazuli, white glass and red seed bead Necklace and earrings:
I'm really pleased with how they all turned out, particulary the bracelet using rose quartz, lapis lazuli and turquoise. I'm also pleased with how I managed to create so many items from my bead stash and not another new purchase in sight! I almost think I deserve to make a new craft purchase, but that would slightly defeat the object of my mission! Rest assured, though, I will be making some new craft purchases, but only when I have made a little more room.

Friday, 6 March 2009

Embracing t'internet

Those that do handmade are no longer only to be found in a dusty hall somewhere on a Saturday trying to sell their wares at a Craft Fair or selling their creations through various outlets that charge them commission. No, serious crafters are taking control and are to be found on t’internet. I’m embracing the use of technology and haven’t stopped with just this blog. Although, there is the time commitment – thime I could be spending crafting – I am not only enjoying exploring different avenues for promoting and developing my craft, but am learning new things all the time. To mine and my husband's utter amazement I am even beginning to pick up a bit of html coding as I build my online presence, which will stand me in good stead in the future when I hope to create my own website.

So, where can you find Concept Design Form?

The first online outlet for me was Folksy, which gave me an opportunity to launch a shop, without the hassle of trying to build my own website from scratch. It's easy to add stock and edit listings and has given me a place to sell my creations. Not only that, but the Folksy forum is providing me with an opportunity to chat with other crafters. If you register on Folksy, add Concept Design Form to your favourite shops, then you can easily find me when you need to buy a treat. If you are a crafter and you are not on Folksy, why not open a shop?

Flickr enables many artists and crafters to have an online portfolio of work that can be updated and organised easily. Images can be made public and so the potential for your work to be seen is vast. In some ways it is like a pictorial blog - where the images take first place. Viewers can also comment on images and so it can serve as an excellent way to gain feedback. If you are on Flickr, add me as a contact and you can check for new images more easily.

Facebook Page
I've only recently started a Facebook page. It is yet another avenue to promote my work. The pages are much like the regular profile pages giving opportunity for sharing photographs, posting links and sharing that latest news. If you are on Facebook, feel free to become a fan of my page and keep up to date with the latest creations at Concept Design Form.

It is rather odd blatantly trying to flog what I make and promoting myself. I am trying to balance this with providing help to others and helping to promote other people's work too. Sometimes, I also think it's rather odd how much we interact with people virtually, yet in the real world many people pass each other without even so much as a sideways glance. Real face to face interaction would be good, but unless I win the lottery or somehow muster up the revenue to open that little shop I keep dreaming about, I'll have to stick with the virtual world.

Thursday, 5 March 2009

Buying Handmade Wedding Stationery

Many brides love the look of handmade stationery, but lack either the time or craft skills to embark on making their own wedding stationery. So if the idea of getting crafty yourself fills you with dread, or you simply don't have the time, the perfect alternative is to buy handmade - all the charm of a handcrafted invitation without the hassle of wrestling with card, glitter and glue.

There are a whole host of creative people out there catering to the wedding stationery market. Folksy boasts a 'Wedding' section and amongst all the handmade jewellery, there are several crafty bods selling handmade wedding stationery.

Here are two sellers I've found on Folksy:

Alternatively, to give you some creative control and perhaps save some money, you could purchase handmade cards that are blank inside and create your own insert with the invitation details. I sell handmade cards in my Foksy shop that are without inserts, giving people the opportunity to create their own invitations for special occassions.

Before you invest your money in the whole stationery range, it is worth seeing some samples to check the quality and design. As handmade items are generally made to order, if you want a design changing in some way, ask. The beauty of handmade is that it can be change and made to be even more unique.

Wednesday, 25 February 2009

DIY Wedding Stationery

With the rising costs of weddings, coupled with the credit crunch it is no wonder that more and more couples are looking to DIY weddings. Perhaps the easiest item to DIY is the wedding stationery, especially with the readily available card-making supplies and the ease with which one can make a card. Retailers have realised the potential of the DIY wedding market and it is becoming easier and easier to obtain supplies and relevant workshops. Whilst it can be a lot cheaper to make your own stationary, it can also cost more than you I've initially think - it is very easy to get carried away with all the beautiful embellishments and the feeling that you must buy all of the equipment.

Leaving the hastily printed, wonky cards aside that simply don't do a wedding invitation justice, I've seen some lovely homemade wedding stationery, but all too often the same common errors are seen.
  • Font size too small - this is a real problem on the order of service. Not everyone has perfect eyesight - be careful that important details and items that need to be read with ease are in a font size of at least 11. I know space is often at a premium, but your guests do need to be able to read the information.

  • Fussy choice of font - some fonts are not made for ease of reading. I've seen entire Order of services that are in a fancy italic font that made it impossible for the guests to join in the hymn singing. Fancy fonts are fine for headings and the front of stationary, but for the important details choose a readable font. I tend to like 'Book Antiqua' - it has the ease of reading that Times New Roman or Arial offers, but a more 'classy' edge, perfect for weddings.

  • OTT design - I am a great believer that less is most definately more. I prefer understated elegance. So often, I see people that must have bought every last thing that caught their eye in the craft shop and then felt compelled to incorporate it into their design, leading to a fussy design and one that is not very practical for the production run a wedding entails.

  • Wonky lines - the problem with one-off card makers is that they often do not have the equipment that helps create a professional finish and try to produce a run of wedding stationery with the minimum of tools. A decent guillotine in my opinion is essential if you intend to make your own card blanks (buying A4 card and trimming it down often works out cheaper than buying pre-made card blanks). If you do not own one, try to find someone who does and borrow it. A decent pair of scissors is also a good idea. When cutting or trimming paper or card take your time - a straight line cannot be rushed and a wonky one cannot be undone easily. Adopt the tailor's mantra - think twice, cut once.

  • Typos - it is impossible to proof-read your own material. Always ask someone who has a good standard of English to proof-read your wording, spelling and punctuation. Check and double check important details - date, venue, time, rsvp address etc. It is amazing how many people omit essential details.

So, how can you ensure that your DIY wedding stationery has a professional edge to it?

  1. Simplicity - if you are new to crafting, you are well advised to keep it simple. Play it safe - I always think that it is better to produce something simple to a very high standard than try to be clever or fancy and falling short. Be realistic about what you can do - if you have never embossed before, now might not be the time to start trying when you have so many cards to make. However, if you plan ahead you can give yourself time to learn new and more tricky tenchniques.

  2. Attend a workshop - as more and more brides and grooms attempt to slash the cost of their wedding, workshops targeting the DIY wedding market are becoming more widespread. Ask at your local craft shop if they run any courses or know of any locally.

  3. Ask for help - preparing for your wedding day should be enjoyable. Making a heap of invitations on your own can be tedious, so ask your crafty friends for help. Perhaps it might be a perfect chance to get your Bridesmaids round for some girly chat and get your stationery made to boot.
  4. Production line it - break your design down into elements and create a production line. When I have to make lots of the same thing, I complete it in stages. It seems to be quicker to complete the same task over and over and then move to the next part.
  5. Borrow equipment - as mentioned above, having the correct tools to complete the job can make a real difference, so ask around your crafty friends and see if they can help you out with tools.
  6. Matching items - using elements of your design throughout your stationery helps to create a more professional look. The photograph above is the order of service I created for my own wedding. The invitation was identical, but smaller. I then created favour boxes and gift tag place settings with similar design elements to aid continuity and help everything go together.

Lastly, one of the main aims of DIY weddings is to keep costs down, but it is all too easy to spend a small fortune in craft shops, as I know only too well. Initially it might be better to buy a few bits to play around with and work out a design. Once you have a design you need to work out how much of everything you need to buy. Remember that you need an invitation per couple/household and not one for every person. Similarily, you may not require an order of service per person if you would like to keep costs down. Whilst I would not advocate over-buying too much - the whole point to DIY stationery is to save money - it is worth buying a little extra in case of mistakes.

Above all, enjoy creating things for your wedding - it is lovely to see a wedding that is more personal and unique and to have contributed so directly to the overall day.

Friday, 20 February 2009

Knitting for Charity

I am still nursing my sick baby and haven't managed to do anything apart from a few household tasks as I have a sick baby draped across my lap for the most part. I have managed to use my free arm to surf the internet and have found a website about a charity that collects knitted squares to make blankets for children living in poverty around the world. I have lots of wool in my stash and will be knitting up some squares to send. There is a pattern on the website and I reckon it'd take just an evening to knit a square.

I hope that others will join me in devoting some crafting time to a worthy cause. If you are able to spare some time and wool, leave a comment below with a pledge saying how many squares you hope to make. It'd also be interesting to learn of other charities that make crafty requests. That's all for now folks - best make the most of my baby sleeping in his cot!

Thursday, 19 February 2009

Limited crafting

I've been unable to get to my craft room in the last few days. My little baby boy is sick with some sort of sickness bug. He seems to be getting better, but it has rather stopped me from making much. I have managed to make a set of hairpins - I started them before Jack got sick and whilst he's napping this afternoon have managed to finish them off. Not only that, I have managed to photograph them and list them in my Folksy shop. I love hairpins - they are a really easy way of dressing up an up do. Mastering the art of getting my hair in to some form of bun was time well spent and can really help me look more dressed up for events. (The doughnut-shaped bun formers are fab for adding volume and helping to shape hair into a bun) Adding some hairpins to my hair-creation instantly makes it even more elegant and special.
Hopefully my baby boy will better soon and normal service will resume shortly - it'll be lovely to have time to blog more and make more.

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

DIY Weddings

With the growing cost of weddings, the credit crunch and the desire for a more original wedding, more and more couples are looking to DIY their wedding. When faced with the cost a traditional big wedding can mean, saving money is often a priority to couples. However, many can be reluctant to create elements of their weddings themselves, feeling that their efforts may equal a compromise on quality. Whilst this may true to some extent (if you are a novice, you would be very lucky if you could match someone who has been creating for years), I think that many people underestimate their ability. Besides, part of the charm of handmade and DIY weddings for me is that fact that it is not so polished and has more character. There is nothing worse than a wedding which has clearly cost a small fortune, but has no life or personality. In case you need convincing, let me put forward the reasons to DIY your wedding:

  • reduce the cost
  • more personal and individual
  • opportunity to involve friends/family
  • greater choice
  • lower environmental impact (dependant on couple's choices)
  • more ethical (again, dependant on couple's choices)

So, if that has convinced you, the next step is to start thinking about what elements you can DIY. Most people when thinking about this would think of the stationary, but with a bit of imagination and some assistance from friends/family there is a whole lot more you can create.

  • stationary - more and more craft shops are selling packs for brides wishing to make their own stationary and it's not as hard as you think. For an even more professional finish, try to find a friend or family member who is able to do calligraphy to write the names on invitations and place cards.
  • Cake - I would never attempt to make a wedding cake from scratch, but it wouldn't be totally beyond me to buy a plain cake to decorate. However, how about breaking with tradition and going for a more unconvential 'cake'? A collection of cup cakes makes a delightful display and is perfect for dishing out to guests. You could enlist the help of several friends - just don't eat them all before the big day!
  • Flowers - does one of your family or friends have a gift with flowers? Many people can create stunning floral arrangements, so ask around. For a more quaint look and feel, you could grow your own flowers. The 'Country garden', 'Afternoon tea' and 'Village fete' wedding themes are perfect for a collection of homegrown flowers - the perfection of this day is in the imperfection. A perfect cala lilly and highly sculptured bouquet just would not fit in, but a handpicked selection of wild blooms would be a beautiful finishing touch. If you are horticulturally-challenged, this might be a task that you enlist the help of those with greener fingers.
  • Wedding rings - I'm not advocating using curtain rings! Making your own wedding rings is not something you can attempt on your own, unless you've had training. However, a number of places offer workshops where you can go as a couple to create your wedding rings.
  • Jewellery - attempting to make you own tiara or jewellery yourself as a first adventure into jewellery making is not the best idea. However, a number of craft and bead shops do offer workshops and with some time and assistance you may be able to create some simple pieces for your big day.
  • Favours - favours are not essential, but can be a lovely addition to your tables. There are many favours that can be handmade - truffles are one delicious idea.

There are many more elements of a wedding that can be created yourself, but hopefully this will have set you thinking. I believe the main thing is to be realistic about your abilities when it comes to creating things and get other people involved - oh, and plan ahead to avoid last minute stress and a rush to get things made in time. I will be looking at some of the things that you can create yourself in greater detail in my blog, so check back for more great ideas. If you like the feel of handmade, but don't feel you can commit the time to DIY, why not shop handmade instead? There are many talented people out there who sell their wonderful creations - check out places like Folksy, Etsy and MISI for starters.

If you are getting married and have any ideas of things you would like me to write about in more detail, please post your ideas in the comments. I'd also be interested to hear what elements people are making themselves. Sellers - please feel free to post links to your websites and shops.

Sunday, 15 February 2009

Valentine's, Farmer's markets and weddings

Valentine's Day was much like any other day in our household. Jack, our 6 month old baby, was up early as usual - sleep is so over-rated in his opinion and why sleep in, when you can take a nap later? The Farmer's market was at Marsh Mill, Thornton so my husband, Jack, sister-in-law and myself walked round for a look. There weren't too many stalls, but there was lots of lovely produce for sale - organic vegetables, various fresh meat and my personal favourite - handmade chocolates. To my shame, I've never managed to see the Farmer's market before even though it is regularly in Thornton (it can also be found in Poulton and Great Eccleston on different Saturdays). There is something lovely about buying direct from the grower/maker and it also brings back memories of holidays in France with their fantastic markets. I hope that I can make the effort to visit the market more regularly and support local sellers.

I managed to get some 'free' time in the afternoon, when Gran came over to see Jack. Quick as a flash I was in my craft room. I've discovered 'handmadeology' and have been enjoying reading up on all the tips for selling handmade items online. I also spent some time thinking about this blog and how to make it more useful. One of the things I have decided to do is a series of blogs on weddings, in particular DIY weddings. More and more people are looking to produce their own weddings. For the most part this choice is money driven. However, there is also a growing trend for more personal weddings and there are those that seek to have a more ethical day where environmental impact is an important consideration. Whatever the motivation for a DIY wedding, the results can be fantastic and give the couple a real chance to put their own personal stamp on their day. So, watch this space for tips on how to DIY your wedding.

In the meantime, why not browse the wedding listings of Folksy for some handmade wedding treats.

Saturday, 14 February 2009

Sentimental Jewellery

It always intrigues me why some things have sentimental or special value to a person . It's interesting to know why something that seems so ordinary to one person is so important to another. The thing with sentimental value is that it often bares no relationship to the monetary value of the item. Unfortunately, I possess very few things that are actually worth much in money terms. However, there a number of things I own that are priceless to me, even if they may seem 'cheap' or worthless to others.

When thinking about my jewellery, like many women, my wedding and engagement rings hold a lot of sentimental value to me - they remind me of my husband, the day he proposed to me, the day we got married and remind me of the love between us. However, that is an obvious choice! Perhaps the item that comes second in terms of sentimental value is a simple pearl pendant.

It is made from three freshwater pearls, separated with Bali silver spacers and mounted on a sterling silver chain. When I made it, I liked it (I wouldn't have made it otherwise!), but it was just another necklace in my jewellery box. That all changed on 24th July, 2008 when I gave birth to my son, Jack. I was wearing that pearl pendant when I gave birth and now it holds tremendous sentimental value to me. Unfortunately, I am unable to wear any jewellery except for my watch, rings and studs with my son around. Until he is a little older and no longer wants to grab everything in sight, my precious pearl pendant will be staying in my jewellery box.

What items in your jewellery collection hold sentimental value to you? Is its actual worth as high as its sentimental worth? Or is it something more costume, but priceless to you? I'd be interested to hear about your sentimental pieces of jewellery, if you'd be good enough to share.

Friday, 13 February 2009

Pearl Bracelets

I have completed the order for four pearl bracelets which were ordered by a bride to give to her bridesmaids as a gift - aren't they lucky? They look gorgeous - I just love pearls and think that these bracelets will look lovely with the sage green dresses they are going to be worn with. Similar bracelets can be purchased in my Folksy shop.

I'm back!

I've not managed to post for the last couple of days - life with a baby can get quite busy. Jack decided to help this situation by getting up early today.... I'd rather have the extra sleep, but I might as well make use of the extra time!

On Wednesday I received two parcels of beads - always a joy! In one was some beads for making my mum a necklace for a wedding she is attending this weekend - luckily she was visiting on Wednesday and so I made the necklace there and then for her. As a result I don't have any photographs to show - yet. I also received some pearls to complete an order for four pearl bracelets - gifts for some lucky bridesmaids. I have nearly completed this order and will post photographs when the last bracelet is done.
I attempted to felt my knitting, but it's not quite felted enough........more experimenting is needed! I followed the manufacturer's recommendations for felting the wool, but it's just not felted enough for my liking! Still, I can have more fun having a go again.
I have also kept myself busy uploading more photographs to Flickr and hope to keep adding to it so that it becomes a comprehensive portfolio of my work. I've had quite a number of views and someone has even left a comment on a blue bracelet available in my Folksy shop:

If you are on Flickr, feel free to add me as a contact so you can keep up to date with the latest creations at Concept Design Form.

Hope everyone manages to stay out of trouble today with it being friday the 13th!

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Day 2

This bodes well. Day 2 of my blog and I'm managing to blog for a second time.

I've missed the boat for Valentine's day sales (note to self: life with a baby needs more forward planning). However, I am thinking ahead to Mother's Day. I've created a corsage with this in mind. Some people wear their heart on their sleeve, but this lets someone else wear your heart! It's perhaps a little twee, but twee is good sometimes and I'm sure mums all over the place would be touched to wear a public declaration of their offsprings' love - it's a higher quality and more grown up version of the 'Great Mum' badges you get on cards. Currently there is just the one of these brooches in my Folksy shop, but more will be added soon.

I'm really pleased with sales since I set up a Folksy shop, so much so that I bought the domain name Concept design Form last night in readiness for eventually setting up a website. I ordered some more supplies yesterday and am eagerly awaiting the postman to deliver my parcel - I love getting parcels, esepcially ones containing craft materials. In this one are lots of lovely, lovely pearls as I have an order for 4 of the pearl bracelets I posted a photograph of yesterday and then some extra to 'play' with.
I'm off now for a walk to the Post Office to get my latest sale delivered.....

Monday, 9 February 2009

That first blog.....

I'm not really sure quite what to write and feel like I'm back in an exam room somewhere, with the clock ticking away and a vast exapanse of white paper to fill. Perhaps, I should just start with a bit about myself.

I'm Viv Smith, heading towards my 30th year, wife and mother (this is a new job and I've only held the post since July 2008). Whilst on Maternity leave I have managed to find the time to craft and thanks to Folksy have started to sell some of my wares. I have previously had a website selling handmade jewellery and cards, but with various things happening found I didn't have the time and it slipped away. To be honest, I was losing interst with churning out the same old same for brides and longed to make what I wanted, when I wanted, which is the way I am going now. I will of course still accept custom orders, but much prefer being able to create what I fancy, rather than being a jewellery making machine! Over time, I hope to launch my own website again, but in the meantime I am keeping it small and simple and solely selling via Folksy. In just one week I've had 4 sales through Folksy and am mighty pleased with that, especially as I will very soon be receiving a parcel of even more beads!

In terms of crafting, I am into a range of crafts and seem to collect craft hobbies as other people would ornaments! Alongside making jewellery and cards, I am also a knitter and once upon a time dabbled with cross stitch. Father Christmas got me a sewing machine for Christmas, but I'm very much a novice at the moment!

To have a nosey at my creations check out my Foksy shop - Concept Design Form

Before I go, here is my bestseller from the past week and a favourite of mine. It's a beautifully simple freshwater pearl bracelet:

Okay, I'm done blogging for today! Phew, I hear you say!